Charlotte A.

is the greatest web designer the world has ever known.

Her simple, elegant work touched hearts and changed lives decades before the internet began.

Her creativity and kindness are remembered forever in Charlotte's Web.

Ever since I first laid eyes on the internet, I knew I wanted to contribute something amazing to the world wide web.

I started as a blogger, building my website just for fun, learning on the go. Then my friends started asking me to make their websites a bit shinier. Since then, I've had the incredible privilege of building websites for many wonderful people whose work I admire. In just the past five years, I've designed + launched nearly 100 sites for authors, artists, and entrepreneurs.

After years of working with authors to create online platforms, I noticed that I was starting to build the same sort of site over and over -- starting again every time, and billing for a full custom website design. I realized that I could offer beautiful, functional websites for a fraction of the time and cost with a few simple templates. But I wanted the designs to be my own.

At the time, a few friends and I owned a company called Author School, where we provided education and inspiration for writers on the journey of professional publishing. We worked with hundreds of authors, and I noticed again and again that one of the biggest points of fear and frustration was the author website. Trying to figure out domain names and hosting and blogs and newletters was draining the creative energy from writers.

I knew I could help. I could design themes that would provide everything these authors needed, and get their websites launched quickly and affordably. So we created Author Blog. With some experimentation and fine-tuning, it worked! We made websites, and authors were happy.

After a few years as a team, my friends and I who created Author School and Author Blog decided to close the door on that project so that we could pursue other creative endeavors (and spend time with our kids and dogs). For a long time, I struggled to figure out what to do with the web design company. I liked the templates I had designed and the system we had built, and I loved that I could help authors share their work with the world. But I just wasn't excited about doing it; I needed a creative kick in the britches, or I needed to shut it down.

When I first designed the templates for Author Blog, I used lines from Charlotte's web for placeholder text and borrowed Charlotte's full name -- Charlotte A. Cavatica -- to be the default name for my author website templates. I loved that book as a child and I loved reading it to my kids now as a dad, so it made me feel warm and happy inside to have that little tribute to Charlotte built into my websites.

A few years later when I was trying to figure out what to do with my website business, Charlotte's name popped into my head -- Cavatica -- along with a logo design and an idea to expand this project to serve not only authors, but anybody doing creative work.

It was exactly the creative kick I needed. I was excited to make Cavatica Design Co. was born.

Only days later did I realize that Charlotte was the perfect inspiration for this project: Not only was she a beloved literary character, she was a web designer too. I know this is a corny dad-joke, but honestly I don't care. I love it, and I love Charlotte. And I'm happy to be making websites with her name on them.

If you are an artist, author, entrepreneur, or anybody else who needs a website, you've found the right place. I'm glad you're here.

Check out our templates, take a look at our pricing, and read through the F.A.Q. page to answer any questions you may have.

Then send us a message, and we'll be in touch. I can't wait to work with you!