Your website starts here.

Each Cavatica site begins with one of our own handcrafted templates, beautifully designed to make your work shine.

From the moment we begin on your website project, it's already 90% done. We finish it for you too, adding your words and images to one of our ready-to-go templates and sending it out to live on the internet.

Our unique process ensures that you'll have your site up and running ASAP, at only a fraction of the cost of a full-service design (but if your project needs a custom design, we can do that too!)

To start the design process for your site, check out our Cavatica Essentials templates and decide which one is meant for you.

Then send us a message and we'll take care of the rest.

Cavatica Templates:


01. Modern

Make a statement with Cavatica Modern, featuring full-screen images and minimalist page layouts. Our most popular design, this template is a perfect fit for almost anything you can imagine.


02. Classic

Connect with your community and offer your work to the world with Cavatica Classic. Designed especially for writers, podcasters, and speakers, this theme includes space to introduce yourself to the world, publish blog posts, sell your book, and connect with your audience.


03. Artist

Express yourself with Cavatica Artist, an ultra-minimal theme for artists and creators of all kinds. This clean, sophisticated layout includes a personalized signature logo, simple blog post layouts, and a dazzling image gallery to showcase your work.

"I didn’t even know where to start and Micah asked all the right questions until we ended up with this beauty. You can be the hottest mess, and he can fix your site. If you need a website renovation, he is your man."

- Jen Hatmaker, JenHatmaker.com

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